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[DEMO] An ambient, island based, resource gathering game. Collect resources to build up your dream settlement on this atmospheric island. Each time still gaining resources idly from the previous islands allowing for bigger and more ambitious builds later on! Created in Unreal Engine 4.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Equip the shovel, look at grass or ground, click LMB, nothing happens.

Equip Pick, look at stone in the corner, click LMB, nothing happens.

Equip Axe, look at wooden hut, log on ground, log with chop marks, click LMB, nothing happens.

Tool won't even swing in the air.

Fix your game.


I Really LIKE THE GAME BEAUTIFUL  srry caps landscape only bad thing is the lak of game play in the demo if this is a reflective new game 5-12 months  i wont blame you but plz get a working demo that has the core game play out side of the tutoriol :)


Its a beautiful game with a strong foundation. I felt wanting to learn more about the world. Hopefully we'll get to see whats beyond that boat :). thanks and great job!

Thanks for playing, i'm glad you liked it! :)


A very nice ambiance and huge graphics. 

Your game is short but beautiful. I love it! Keep going

Thank you for the kind words :)


Hello RyanGameDev, played Settler's Dawn on my channel. I really enjoyed the graphic and the peacefulness of the experience. I hope you will enjoy the video i made. Can't wait to see what come next in Settler's Dawn. Awesome work!


Thanks for the video, it's great to see someone playing something i've made! And yes, the day cycle is aproximately 6 minutes, with night time accelerated so it isn't dark for too long. :)


Stunning game - really enjoyed my time so far and can't wait to try more. Great job so far. 

Thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


I really love the ambience. Great job :)

Thank you!